Novel Developments:

With the fast expansion in telecommunication and information technology there is an urgent need for a new class of devices with much better performance and applicable up to 100Gbps and more. Our company (Photonics) is offering a new class of fiber optic devices, specifically, EO modulators, EO switches, tunable couplers, and tunable DWD," capable of handling the market ever-increased bandwidth, in a very high speed "speed of light". The developed devices overcome the signal weakness and/or the polarization dependent exist in most available devices. The technology is based on "On-Fiber" design, which means building the device directly on the optical fiber core, by replacing the fiber passive cladding with multilayer active materials. One of these layers is an advance electrooptic polymer. Thus, ordinary optical fiber can be used as a device as well as the transmission link, leading to All-Fiber Networks. There will be no need to cut the fiber for inserting an active device into the communication network, as with integrated optics devices. This newly developed technology eliminates the polarization dependent and the coupling problems exist in most today’s networks. Also, the tunable DWDM has a huge bandwidth to replace all the 64 individual DWDM by a single tunable DWDM in GPON Networks. In addition, the developed devices have better technical performance at a much lower cost. Our technology marks the beginning of a new era in telecommunications, offering speeds that can exceed 140Gbps and allowing tremendous bandwidth. The developed technology is ready for 5G applications. The manufacturing know-how has been developed, and demonstration prototypes have been manufactured and successfully tested. The developed fiber optic Devices can be used in almost every telecommunication link.

The market size is huge and expected to reach several billion USD in 5-10 years. The developed technology and devices have been disclosed in the following four US Patents;

1. US Patent # 8,805,136; On-Fiber Tunable Bragg Gratings for DWDM Applications, August 12, 2014.
2. US Patent # 7,373,024 B2; On-Fiber Microwave Modulator and High Speed Switch for Telecommunication Applications, May 13, 2008

3. US Patent # 7,228,012; On-Fiber Microwave Modulator and High Speed Switch for Telecommunication Applications, June 5, 2007

4. US Patent # 7,149,391; On-Fiber Tunable Coupler and High Speed Switch for Telecommunication Applications, Dec. 12, 2006

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