Dr. M. El-Sherif, President & CEO

Dr. Mahmoud El-Sherif is the Founder, President & CEO of Photonics Laboratories, Inc. and Photonics GTT Inc. (Global Technology Transfer). From 1989 to 2003 Dr. El-Sherif has served as a Research Professor of Materials, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Drexel University, as well as the Founder and Director of the Fiber Optics and Photonics Manufacturing Engineering Center (FOPMEC) at Drexel University, which was named a Center of Excellence for the State of Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. El-Sherif is a leading inventor in the area of fiber optics and opto-electronics, as well as smart and intelligent materials and structures. He is the creator of the on-fiber active optical tunable coupler, switch and modulator for optical communication systems. In addition, he is the inventor of the on-fiber chemical sensor, smart parachute and smart soldier’s uniform, with embedded fiber optic sensors for detection of stresses and biological threats. He has developed the processing techniques for manufacturing smart structures of metallic, ceramic and polymer materials, using embedded fiber optic sensors for health monitoring and real-time characterization.
Dr. El-Sherif served as the Principal Investigator (PI) of several U.S. Federal and State Research and Development Programs with the NASA Lewis Research Center, NASA Langley Research Center, U.S. Department of Defense (Army, Navy and Air Force), and U.S. National Science Foundation. Additionally, he has served as the PI for a number of industrial projects with various companies, including the David Sarnoff Research Center (formally RCA), General Electric, General Motors, Smith and Nephew Richards, Inc., and Vickers, Inc. Dr. El-Sherif has served as Project Director for several international collaborative projects with Japan, China, France, Germany, Egypt, and Brazil. He has written over 100 publications on fiber optics and smart materials and structures, supervised Ph.D. and M.S theses on fiber optics and smart materials and structures, and served on the committees of numerous Ph.D. and M.S engineering students.

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