High Temperature Sensors
  • Development of sapphire optical fiber for IR transmission and very high temperature applications
  • These sensors are used as stress/strain sensors, or for temperature measurement

Stress & Strain Sensors

  • Sensors are embedded into various materials (ceramic, polymer and metallic) and structures for in-situ and real-time analysis
  • These sensors are used to evaluate the integrity of the structure as a real-time monitoring network to predict structural weakness
Textile with six embedded optical fibers
  Composite with embedded optical fiber
Metallic alloy with embedded sapphire optical fiber

Ceramic with embedded optical fiber

Smart Textiles

  • Smart vest with integrated optical fibers and electronic wires for sensing environmental changes such as temperature and chemicals
  • Smart fabrics ranging from woven and non-woven to knitted structures designed for medical and military applications
Smart textile with embedded optical fiber and electronic wire

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